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Each Product has a Certificate of Analysis. Making our Products some of the HIGHEST QUALITY CBD Products on the MARKET TODAY.

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About O’Brien Sweet Leaf

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I used to wake up every morning feeling tired, run down, with stiff joints…Just *bleh*.

I maybe getting old but I was not ready to roll over yet.

So when I heard about CBD PRODUCTS  with No THC, I thought I would give it a try. Unfortunately,  there were so many products on the market claiming to do this and that…It was ridiculous. Most were FAKE and loaded with chemicals. I decided that was not for me. I wanted something REAL and I wanted something ORGANIC. No Side Effects- No Drowsiness- Nothing that was going to alter my thinking

So I went on a Mission…

After almost a year,  I found all the Ingredients I was wanting in a product. 

So Now I Introduce 


Take a look at Our Products, read about each product,  and what’s in each product. Just click on the product picture.

You going to just love the RESULTS. 

We are always looking for the best products for our customers

so we will be constantly adding new products too. 

If you have any questions on which products might help you,  call me or email: 

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“Stay Safe and Sweet”

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